Reasonable Solution and Approach

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  • By Khin Maung Oo
  • It has been learnt that H.E. Mr. Masud Bin Momem, the Bangladeshi Ambassador to the United Nations called for the United Nations Security Council not to avert its attention from the Rakhine State affair, up to the stage of getting reasonable solution to their demands. This statement meant “To put continuous pressure over Myanmar.” Bangladesh and Myanmar are neighboring countries sharing a border. As a matter of fact, if I had to present as done by the said “Person” I sure would say like this—“we will negotiate between the two countries until a reasonable solution is achieved.” Such a kind of approach will be a friendly and positive one. On the other hand, to ask the UN to put pressure on Myanmar continuously, as presented by the Bangladeshi Ambassador to the UN is an approach void of trust and a negative attitude.
    There is not a government in this world which can fully defend itself against the dangers of terrorists who dare to kill innocent people inhumanely. That is because terrorists never value human life and they absolutely have no regard for human dignity or morality. There is nothing in this world they would not do to advance their cause. They are not above doing blasphemous actions against other religions. They are never reluctant to destroy historical heritages.
    The Bangladesh government has been learnt to have allowed Bengalis who fled Rakhine State to go nowhere apart from the places temporarily permitted to live currently. And, no one is allowed to purchase telephone SIM Cards as a protection against connections with terrorists. The so-called Bengalis are similar to Bangladeshi citizens in race and religion. In other words, they are like blood relatives who have been living separately on each side of the border line. Had there been worries about dangers of terrorists even in the refugee camps on the Bangladesh side of the border, worries over dangers of terrorists in the midst of different communities are reasonable. What we hereby want to point out is that regrettably Bangladesh fails to acknowledge complex and very difficult situations which are very sensitive, between different communities. To sum it up, we should surely choose the reasonable approaches provided that we really want to achieve reasonable solutions.
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