Recent Laukkai incidents cannot be seen in isolation

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The progress the country is making is clear evidence that reforms continue to be implemented and continued support needs to be given to achieve these aims. The fact that all the national brethren are focusing on real, lasting solutions to internal conflicts is a major step forward. In the latest twist in making the ongoing peace process a success, the
government has come up with a way to ensure
that the peace process is inclusive and equal, in which the NCA non-signatories are well accepted and regarded as welcome organizations that could create an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding among all.
Given the continued fragility of the ceasefires, and the inevitably slow pace of reconciliation following decades of war, a solution to internal conflicts seem to be elusive, despite significant achievements in building trust and viability among warring groups. Many a round of negotiations have taken place but to date, no quantifiable results can be seen.
There is a general feeling that the MNDAA is not devoting sufficient attention to its responsibilities for embracing reconciliation and lack of knowledge traditionally formed the bedrock of attacks launched by the armed group that took a battering in the north of the country.
Taking into account a prevailing feeling of uncertainty among many in the country, they should consider all factors pertinent to the current situation.
We see the prospects for peace in a different light and we believe that the means by which we seek to achieve peace are fair, just and all-inclusive.
The conflicts have always been a bone of contention between Myanmar and the other country and had cast a cloud over a long-standing relationship between the two countries. In the context of the scope and nature of these conflicts, what is happening in the Laukkai region cannot be seen in isolation, and more need to be done to rein in the armed group whose existence further fuels instability and impedes progress in the areas where they operate.

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