Recognising the people’s army

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MYANMAR was held under British occupation from 1824 to 1948, and the Japanese controlled the country from 1942 to 1945. We and our children have been taught at school that our country fell prey to foreign intrusions for lack of a strong army. However, a careful study of these historical events reveals the true reason Myanmar fell to colonial rule twice. We lost our sovereignty to two imperialist regimes for lack of strong education, rather than a strong army. We should let bygones be bygones.
It should be made clear at the outset that an army is strong only when it is built on the strength of its people. For example, we have two well-known slogans; one is “Only when the armed forces are strong will the nation be strong”, and the other is “The strength of the nation lies within”. These slogans remind us that the presence of a strong army is of utmost importance in safeguarding our sovereignty and national integrity, but a strong army itself is really nothing without public support.
Simply put, if the strength of a nation is related to the might of its army, then the strength of the army depends on its soldiers. In addition, the strength of the soldiers lies in the support of their families and the people in general.
The people and the armed forces must come together to ward off future alien invasions. All things considered, now is the time for the armed forces and the people to be aware that their inseparable bond is a thing that matters most in the defence of the country.

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