Reconciliation begins from the heart. So true

  • Kyaw Myaing
  • Today we wish to discuss about how to begin from the heart. According to Buddhist philosophy, human existence is a mixture of good times and bad times. What we experience from day to day is the result of our karma. The good and bad actions of the past add up and we get the resultant. If we have done more good deeds than bad deeds, our resultant karma will be positive and we will enjoy good health, good friends, a good job, etc.
    Why do we say “begin from the heart”. To forgive someone who has done many evil deeds to you is not easy. We will not say it is easy. In life, all goals which are worthwhile achieving are not easy.
    Forgiveness begins from the heart. When you are angry at someone, it may be your wife or your son or your daughter, the anger plays in your mind like an endless video. It goes in a loop. You think about it again and again. The more you think about it, the more you become angry. When you get angry, your face turns red, your voice starts to shake and your face looks like the face of a demon or an ogre. There is heat in your heart and it burns with great intensity.
    Is there a way to get out of this anger loop. The good news is that there is a way. Forgiving does not mean forgetting. You can remember the wrong done to your friends or family members. You can remember it with a positive attitude. However, if you let the anger in your heart remain there, it will continue hurting you the rest of your life. The other person who has done this bad deed has won twofold. Why? Because he or she has done harm once, say by killing your friend or family member. Then he or she has been able to torment you for the rest of your life. In this case the evil doer has succeeded in planting an “anger virus” in your heart. You will never be the same again. Every time you think about it this “anger virus” will be activated and you will relive the horror all over again.
    There is a cure and that is done by forgiveness and meditation. We need to adopt a positive attitude about the evil deed for the sake of the living, including yourself.
    People live and die according to their past karma.
    There is nothing we can
    do about it. This is the teachings of the Buddha. So if some evil doer does harm to you or your friends or family members, try to forgive. This evil person will pay a price many many times according to the law of karma.
    By replacing anger and hatred with metta and forgiveness, we can achieve Inner Peace and go on with our lives.
    Our friends who have died are dead and gone. In their memory, let us do our utmost to rebuild our society and country which we all love so dearly.

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