Reduce the use of plastic products for beautifying the environment

The plastic product which is essential utensils for society becomes an environmental problem at present due to plastic pollution throughout the world. It is because plastic products cannot be easily decayed similar to paper and leave a bit to exist for many years.
Plastics can exist underground or in the water for a long time and cause harm to the environment in combing with other chemicals. As such, plastic debris may cause water creatures, to destroy ecosystems. In society, the use of plastic materials in which foods are kept for consumption, especially taking away tea or hot soup in plastic bags can be harmful to humans.
Some reliable statistics mentioned that plastic debris floating in the oceans may be weighing between 4.8 million tonnes and 12.7 million tonnes. Hence, 60-80 per cent of the waste which harms the ecosystem is plastic debris. If global countries miss chances to control the inflow of plastic debris into the oceans and seas, the volume of plastics may be larger than water creatures from the waters.
Some global countries prohibit the use of plastic products in various ways and mean. This being so, Myanmar needs to reduce the use of plastic products and plastic packaging materials as part of controlling environmental pollution. Moreover, it is necessary to lever up recycling plastic products as much as possible and produce personal goods.
Plastic products are cheap, portable and easy to package but bring bad impacts on society. Hence, people need to reduce the use of plastic bags in daily life. They should use easily decayed packaging materials such as leaves and paper in shopping and daily work processes.
No one can deny that plastic is essential for society. But the plastic materials disposed of by society may block the proper flow of water in drains in monsoon. When these wastes reach the rivers, creeks, seas and oceans, it is very dangerous for water creatures. As such, global people need to take care of using plastic materials and reducing the use of plastic products not to harm the environment as well as living beings including human beings on the land and in the waters.
The environment inhabited by all living beings including global people will be lovely and beautiful. In consequence, people will have greater improvement in health and lifestyle year after year, and some undesirable diseases will disappear from the world. If so, everybody can see a prosperous, beautiful and lovely environment in harmony with living beings in the coming years.

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