Reflections of a Public Health Professional, Volume One, by Dr Myint Htwe comes out

Book Cover copy

Author Dr Myint Htwe has published collection of medical articles for the book “Reflections of a Public Health Professional, Volume One.”
The book is a collection of his writings on public health and research done during the author’s 18 years as a member of the health staff under the Ministry of Health from 1976 to 1994 and 16 years of service with the World Health Organization (1994 to 2010) — 34 years in total.
The book is being distributed by the Myanmar Book Centre.
The book is divided into three parts — A, B and C. Part A consists of 21 articles, most of which concern public health. The author presents health problems and how health and development are related. Part B has 10 articles dealing with research on public health. Research is a task that needs to be conducted constantly, so that development can be achieved. In such a time when our country is moving toward a developed and peaceful democratic nation, health plays an important role for producing our country’s future leaders-to-be, hence the need to do research in every sector, including health. On the whole, it will be of great use for scholars, students and policymakers.
The book proves to be a worthwhile effort of the author, as the readers can acquire a myriad of knowledge in one sitting.

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