Region, state ethnic ministries can be formed: President’s Office


If regional and state governments wish to form their own ministries for ethnic minorities’ affairs, they must put the issue forward to President’s office, Deputy Minister U Kyaw Kyaw Win told the Pythu Hluttaw on Thursday.
Responding to an MP’s question, the deputy minister said the President’s Office had suggested regional and state governments put forward the issue so that the Union government can carry out procedures for formation of the regional ministries.
The government has been working on formation of a union-level ministry for ethnic minorities’ affairs, aiming at serving in the interests of ethnic minorities in accordance with the law to protect their rights, he said.
The deputy minister responded to Dr Soe Moe Aung of Bilin Constituency, who had asked the President’s Office if it had a plan to form a union ministry or regional ministries on ethnic affairs.
During the meeting, U Kyaw Ni Naing of Laukkai Constituency asked how many members would be allowed within an expanded leading body of the Self-Administered Division or Self-Administered Zone.  Deputy Minister U Kyaw Kyaw Win replied that expansion of the leading body was not within the rights of the Union Government, as the constitution limited a leading body to not more than 10 members.

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