Relaxation for transport of rice and broken rice scheduled across various states and regions

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A file photo shows workers carrying bags of rice at a warehouse in Yangon, Myanmar on 8 March 2023.

Regarding the transport of rice and broken rice in the past, it is necessary to obtain a transport permit across the states and regions, but now, due to easing restrictions, the transport permit is no longer needed, said Ko Naing, who operates a rice trading business on Arthawka Road in Bayintnaung Depot, Yangon yesterday.
However, rice must be milled only within relevant states and regions. A rice trader told GNLM that the increase in the prices of rice and broken rice may be due to obtaining transport permits.
However, it only takes about two months for the new rice to start entering the market, so those who have rice have increased their sales.
In the Yangon market, a bag of Pawsan rice from the Ayeyawady Region costs K100,000, but in Bogale, the price is K100,000, and the price of one hundred baskets of Pawsan paddy is K2.8 million and price for 100 baskets of low-grade paddy is K1.7 million to K1.8 million, Ko Soe Tint, who operates a 20-acre paddy farm in Yaywun Village, Bogale Township told to GNLM.
A 100-basket of Pawsan paddy is sold for K3.7 million and a bag of Pawsan rice sells for K125,000 in the Shwebo market.
A bag of Shwebo Pawsan rice wholesale in Yangon Commodity Market has set as K125,000.
When transporting goods, if it’s forest products, owners have to get a permit to transport them.
A truck driver who travels to the Ayeyawady Region told GNLM that when transporting barrels of palm oil to districts these days, they have obtained the credentials of the company that sells them to the districts and have to show them when they are checked on the road.
Since the middle of this year, the price of rice has been increasing, and related to this, 100,000 bags of rice have been distributed to the consumers at a lower price since 7 August.
Therefore, two Yangon Rice Commodity Depots have been selling rice at affordable price to the wholesale market from 28 August until today. However, there are some people who have to carefully check the type and quality of rice they buy.
Since there is no longer any delay in transporting rice and broken rice across states and regions, rice and broken rice from other regions, including Ayeyawady Region, can be transported to Yangon as before. — TWA/KZL

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