Release of information about the cause of death of Ma Kyal Zin died in riot, Mandalay

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A pointer that can shoot with 0.38 bullet, is seen.

Security Forces and responsible administration officials dispersed the mass protest on 84th street and 30th street with minimum force, after requesting to be dispersed for several times.

Although Myanmar Police Force tried to investigate the death of the young woman who was killed of injury during the riot, relatives to the deceased person refused to do so and buried the body.

Since it is necessary for the Myanmar Police Force to investigate the cause of death in accordance with the law, the body was excavated from the tomb with the permission of the judge, by the officials from the district police chief and officials, forensic pathologists and witnesses. According to the autopsy, the injury was caused in the left of her head right behind her ear and a piece of lead metal of 1.2 centimetre long and 0.7 centimetre wide which is different from the riot control bullets used by the Myanmar Police Force, was found.

Although the security guards on duty at the time of incident were in a face-to-face position to the crowd, the injury was in the back of the deceased person and the lead piece found in the head was a type of ammunition that can be fired with a shotgun with 0.38 round of ammunition. It can be seen that those who do not want stability in the country are attempting to escalate the conflict and actions are being taken to identify those who are behind this and prosecute according to the law.—MNA

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