Remote-controlled pipe bomb found in Northern Rakhine

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Abandoned houses on fire at a village in Maungtaw Township.  Photo: Information Committee

Security forces while on their duty to ensure the rule of law in Tinmay village-tract searched an empty house of Abu Kalaung, 45, and its compound at Ward 2 of Tinmay village at 4:30 pm on 23 September. They were acting on information.
While searching the compound they found a while plastic package containing a 9-in long 2-in diameter remote-controlled pipe bomb buried at the place south of the house.
The security personnel defused the bomb and left the area as there was no unusual situation.
They filed a lawsuit against Abu Kalaung and cohorts.
The five remaining houses of Deelpara village in Maungtaw Township which was destroyed by fire caught fire on 23 September. The combined forces comprising security personnel while enforcing the rule of law in the surrounding areas of the village found the houses on fire. So they together with Township Fire Brigade put out the fire. About 150,000 worth of property was lost in the fire. The Maungtaw Township Police Force has filed a lawsuit against the suspects. —Myanmar News Agency

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