Report on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Ministry of Health and Sports Myanmar 1

From (4-1-2020) to (8-3-2020)
(8-3-2020), 8: 15 pm

1. Situation update worldwide
(World Health Organization’s statement issued at 3:30 am (MST) on 7-3-2020)
Total affected countries – 94
Total cases – 101,927
Total death toll – 3,486
Global death rate – 3.4%
Global cases/ death toll

  Since its beginning to so far 
Sr.CountriesConfirmed casesDeath toll
1Republic of Korea6,76744

The WHO announced that outbreak of disease has occurred in many countries in both imported cases and local transmission.
45 countries, territories or areas outside China with reported cases are:

Sr.Regions in the list of WHOCountries
1Western Pacific RegionRepublic of Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Viet Nam, the Philippines, and New Zealand.
2European RegionItaly, Germany, France, Spain, The United Kingdom, Croatia, San Marino, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, Finland, Demark, Sweden, Israel, Romania, Belgium, Portugal, Belarus, Bosnia, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Iceland, and Slovakia.
3South-East Asia RegionThailand, Indonesia, and India.
4Eastern Mediterranean RegionIran, United Arab Emirates, and Lebanon.
5Region of the AmericasUnited States of America, Canada, and Ecuador.
5African RegionAlgeria, and Cameroon.

Therefore, the WHO has changed the level of its risk assessment on COVID-19 transmission to “very high” in China, regional countries, and global countries.
2. According to the WHO-China Joint Mission Report on COVID-19 that surveyed a total of 55,924 patients from 16-2-2020 to 24-2-2020, the main signs and symptoms are:

SrSigns and SymptomsPercentage
2Dry Cough67.7
4Sputum production33.4
5Shortness of breath18.6
6Sore throat13.9
8Myalgia or Arthralgia14.8
10Nausea or Vomiting5
11Nasal Congestion4.8
14Conjunctiva Congestion0.8

Situation of signs and symptoms of COVID-19:
Mild to Moderate -80%
Severe – 13.8%
Critically ill – 6.1%

Eighty-three per cent of laboratory-confirmed cases outside China are from Republic of Korea, Iran and Italy.
At present, Myanmar is one of the 117 countries where no COVID-19 cases was found.
3. The differences between COVID-19 and seasonal influenza are:
– The signs and symptoms of COVID-19 is more severe than Seasonal Influenza. There is vaccine for seasonal influenza, but no vaccine and medicine was found yet for COVID-19.
4. Situation in Myanmar (Until 12:00 pm on 8-3-2020)

 Laboratory Test 
Positive ResultNegative ResultWaiting for testUnder TestNumber of Patient
People under Investigation606672
Suspected cases2 2

5. There are a total of 72 people under investigation across Myanmar from 31-1-2020 to 8-3-2020: 27 in Yangon Region, 14 in Shan State, 13 in Mandalay Region and 18 in other Regions and States.
6. In preparation for COVID-19, the Ministry of Health and Sports is carrying out:
(a) monitoring persons (family members and health workers) who had close contacts with the patients and prevention and control measures against the disease at the hospitals and clinics
(b) identifying suspected cases, quarantining them and providing effective treatment
(c) giving instructions to the health workers to strictly follow preventive measures and make public awareness
(d) publishing situation reports about Myanmar and other countries in the state-owned newspapers and the internet website of the Ministry ( and social media pages ( MinistryOfHealthAndSportsMyanmar) and ( MyanmarCDC) , with taking response to the fake news
(e) coordination with relevant government agencies to lessen socioeconomic impacts resulted from COVID-19.
(f) awareness programmes with the use of handheld loudspeakers at the crowded places in Regions and States such as bus gates and markets, in cooperation with Myanmar Red Cross Society , civil society organizations and community based organizations.

SrOrganizationsPersonal Protective EquipmentN95


Surgical MaskSurgical GownHand GelProtective gogglesNon-Contact ThermometerVentilatorGlove
1World Health Organization60052530,0001,000499500  20,000
2Myanmar Red Cross Society2,5005,100 1,857   6,000
3Sea Lion Company2,000        
4Ottara Thiri Company1,000   225    
5Zizawa Company      45  
6Gold Lite Co., Ltd 2,000       
7Eclion Global Group and other donors3,300        
8Yee Shin Company       5 
9Valves Co., Ltd  2,000      
10USAID1,0003,50060,000 500   20,000
11China      100  
12INGOS  5,700 1,195500  320
13INGO2,0001,60010,350 1,90020  500

Ministry of Health and Sports expressed gratitude to the local and foreign organizations for donating necessary medicines and medical equipment. In preparation for COVID-19 outbreak, the ministry is purchasing and distributing ventilators.
8. Although Myanmar has not found any COVID-19 patient so far,
– COVID-19 is spreading not only in China but also in Singapore, Republic of Korea, Italy, and Iran at high level
– The chances of the travellers from the countries coming to Myanmar by flights, or through border crossings from other countries are high.
– The ministry is increasing surveillance in upward momentum at the international airports.
– The ministry is also closely monitoring the hotels, guest houses and houses where the foreign travellers will reside.
-Local transmission was found in some countries where new cases occurred despite no close contacts with COVID-19 patients or no previous visit to the countries with the outbreak of disease
– In the crowd, people can be infected the virus from COVID-19 patients and asymptomatic carriers.
9. It is also possible that some cases could be found immediately, the people and social organized are suggested:
(a) to avoid crowded area and festivals as much as possible
(b) to organize only unavoidable public event
(c) arrange soaps and water, or hand sanitizer at the public gatherings and festivals.
(d) announce the information about COVID-19 for about five minutes before the events begin.
(e) strictly manage only a few people come to events and sickly persons not to come to the events; strictly follow the health announcements issued by the Ministry of Health and Sports.—MOHS (Translated by Kyaw Zin Tun)

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