Report on RB News website fabricated, government says

The RB News website described in an article posted on January 8 that Myanmar government forces entered the village of Gorduthara in Maungtaw Township, Rakhine State on the evening of January 7, beating and arresting villagers and raping & robbing women. The article also said that seven men were abducted.
In a statement released yesterday, the Information Committee of the State Counsellor’s Office refuted the report, offering as proof interviews of villagers less than 48 hours after the alleged abuses by police and military officials.
“As regards the news, a combined group comprised of authorities concerned, responsible military officials and border guard police went to the village at 10 am on January 9 to meet the village head, village elders and villagers, asking them whether the events in the news took place really or not. According to the villagers, the news was not true and Myanmar government forces and border guard forces did not commit any offences. The news was found to have been fabricated,” according to the statement.
The commission’s statement also refuted news posted by the RB News Website in November 2016 that villagers were killed and houses were set on fire.
It is learnt that Myanmar government forces are performing their duties in combination with responsible organisations according to the law, for safeguarding the sovereignty of the State, rule of law and peace and stability of the area.—Myanmar News Agency

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