Republic of the Union of Myanmar Message of Greetings sent by President U Win Myint on the Anniversary of World Environment Day 2020

President U Win Myint
President U Win Myint

(5 June 2020)

My dear fellow citizens,
On this auspicious occasion of World Environment Day, I wish to send words of greetings to all citizens for their well-being and happiness.
The theme for this year’s World Environment Day 2020 has been designated as “Celebrate Biodiversity” by the United Nations. The main aim of this theme “is to take urgent measures to combat the rapid loss of biodiversity and degradation of the ecosystem”.
Properly functioning ecosystems provide mankind with clean air, clean water, nutritious food, natural herbal medicines and raw materials in various ways; they also reduce the incidence of natural disasters and ensure sustainability for mankind.
As we are aware of how the environment, biodiversity and ecosystems can impact on us, we need to preserve our environment with relentless efforts to solve the dangers relating to climate change and environmental degradation.
I believe that World Environment Day which falls today can serve as a powerful collaborative platform for all the people of the world, communities and governments to solve the environmental challenges being faced by the world with momentum and on many fronts. To mark World Environment Day, Myanmar will collaborate with other countries of the world with the slogan “Let us take care of the environment and biodiversity for a sustainable world”.
In the 2019 report of the policy institute for ecology services and biodiversity, it has been reported that because of degradation of biodiversity and ecology, 80 per cent of the sustainable development goals such as “eradication of poverty and hunger, food security, good health for all and prosperity, long-term balance in production and consumption, development of sustainable cities, reduction of climate change, preservation and protection of the oceans, water resources and land and mineral resources” could be adversely affected. That is why the protection and conservation of the environment is a fundamental foundation.

My dear fellow citizens,
World countries have accepted the fact that it is necessary to collaborate fully in the use of nature-based solutions in confronting global climate change.
The United Nations has adopted the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration from 2021 to 2030 to confront the problems of climate change, strengthening of efforts to provide food and clean water, and protection of biodiversity; to take wide-ranging measures to restore ecosystems that have been deteriorating badly. That is why 2020 is a very important year for all countries of the world to commit themselves to the task of conservation of biodiversity and environment.
In Myanmar, we have been striving hard to achieve national reconciliation and working on historic reforms including the establishment of a Democratic Federal Union. For these tasks to succeed with effectiveness, the protection and conservation of the environment and valuable natural resources plays a very important role.

My dear fellow citizens,
Due to the need to manage with vision and take into account the commitments made in the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, and also to conserve and protect the environmental resources, Myanmar has already adopted the “National Environmental Policy of Myanmar” to serve as its long-term strategy for achieving development and progress.
At the same time, it striving to achieve the sustainable development goals and the national comprehensive development goals, Myanmar has already adopted the “Myanmar Climate Change Policy, Strategy and Master Plans – 2018 -2030” to be able to confront and respond to the effects of climate change and to transform into a country with low carbon emissions with ability to withstand the climatic changes.
The things we are witnessing these days such as deforestation, the encroachment of wildlife habitats and wildlife trafficking, excessive growth of unsystematically managed plantations, investments that produce excessive carbon emissions, lead to accelerating climate change. These are the results of human actions and these actions destroy the balance of nature.
The deterioration and destruction of ecosystems which give natural protection to living beings leads to conditions that cause the emergence and spread of diseases that affect health. That is why for the survival of living beings, to need to make serious efforts to make sure that the whole natural ecosystem is functioning smoothly.
Therefore, this is an important time for us to collaborate systematically in the decision making and implementation processes to conserve biodiversity and the environment. At this time, the theme of the World Environment Day has highlighted for us the need to wake up, take heed, restore the good relations between man and nature, and re-establish a world that is in balance with nature. At the same time, the International Day for Biological Diversity which fell on 22 May had the theme “Our solutions are in nature”. This theme points out to us that the answer to solving the problems we are facing today regarding the deterioration and destruction of biodiversity and ecosystems lies in nature.

My dear fellow citizens,
In the implementation of sustainable development programmes, we need to study the constantly changing nature of the environment and constantly study pragmatic ways. We also need to keep as our primary goals the protection and conservation of biodiversity and environment, resilience to climate change and having a clean environment. We also need to incorporate the goals of the national environment and climate change policies and strategies, and the waste management strategy as our country’s priority tasks into the development plans of each sector. We must implement all these hand in hand dutifully.
Also, as the saying goes, confronting climate change conservation of biodiversity are two sides of the same coin; to stop the reduction and loss of biodiversity and ecosystems, the national-level biodiversity strategy and programmes should be implemented pragmatically with firm goals. On the occasion of the World Environment Day, which falls today, I wish to urge in great seriousness that we need to increase our cooperation with regional, international and development partners in the implementation of the above-mentioned programmes.
I urge all our citizens to become nature lovers, protectors of the environment, and people who place a high value on biodiversity and ecosystems. May you all take part in creating a lush, green and beautiful motherland called Myanmar.

Win Myint

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