Republic of the Union of Myanmar Ministry of Health and Sports Order 155/2020

MoHS smallRepublic of the Union of Myanmar
Ministry of Health and Sports
Order 155/2020
12th Waxing of Nadaw, 1382 ME
(26 December 2020)

THE Ministry of Health and Sports has issued this order in line with provisions stipulated in Section 21-(b) of the Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases Law.
1. The ministry is working around the clock for the prevention of the acute respiratory disease Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and had previously issued the Stay-at-Home Order 107/2020 dated 20-9-2020 for related townships including all townships in Yangon Region (excluding Cocogyun Township).
2. Some townships in Yangon Region now show considerable improvement in COVID-19 prevention measures, and new cases found in the townships in past 14 days considerably decreased.
3. Therefore, it is hereby announced that the Stay-at-Home order issued for the townships in Yangon Region (excluding the wards/villages in Seikkyi/Khanaungto, Twantay and Kungyangon townships in Yangon Region) ended at 8 am on 27-12-2020.

Dr Myint Htwe
(Union Minister)

Stay-at-Home Order is still in effect in the following wards and village-tracts of the three townships in Yangon Region.
(time and date: 8:00 am, 27 December 2020)

1Seikkyi/Khanaungto Township1Seikkyi Ward (east)
2Seikkyi Ward (west)
3Khanaungto Ward (east)
4Khanaungto Ward (west)
5Samarduwar Ward
6U Tun Oh Ward
2Twantay Township1Kyuntaw Ward
2Kyunbet Village-tract
3Kwangyan Ward
4Kathabaung Village-tract
5Kalartan Village-tract
6Khayanwa Village-tract
7Hsanywa Village-tract
8Tamangyi Village-tract
9Tamartakaw Village-tract
10Taloathtaw Village-tract
11Htawyoe Village-tract
12Payargyi Village-tract
13Mangay Alae Village-tract
14Minpaing Ward
15Shwesantaw Ward
16Thawuntaw Village-tract
17Ahlaechaung Village-tract
18Ohnpinsu Ward
3Kwangyangon Township1Sanpya Ward
2Kantmalar Village-tract
3Hnetgyidaung Village-tract
4Tawkhayanlay Village-tract
5Tawpyar Village-tract
6Tawlan Village-tract
7Pilakhat Village-tract
8Mayan Village-tract
9Hmawby Village-tract
10Yaytein Village-tract
11Latkhonkon Village-tract
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