Republic of the Union of Myanmar Office of the President Message of Greetings from President U Win Myint sent on the occasion of the 64th Anniversary celebrations of Kayin State Day

president office

(7 November 2019)

Dear esteemed ethnic brothers and sisters living in Kayin State,
I send this message of greetings today to all ethnic brothers and sisters living in Kayin state to be blessed with auspiciousness and good fortune.
I hope you could all enjoy the traditional boxing competitions, boat racing, Kayin traditional “done” dance competitions, exhibitions, stage shows, street market festivals, trade shows, and entertainment programmes during the five-day celebrations of Kayin State Day celebrated joyously and in great numbers.
Historically, 11 Kayin ethnic races have lived in Kayin State together with other ethnic groups happily and amicably. After attaining independence when the States and Regions were formed, efforts were made to form Kayin State where the Kayin people were residing.

The 1951 Constitutional Amendment Act 62 signed by the President initially recognized Papun region of Thanlwin District as Kayin State.
After that, as per paragraph 14 of the 1952 Act to expand Kayin state, it was reconstituted into six townships. On 1 March 1960, Myawady town was added as the seventh township. The 7th November, the day on which the President signed the Amendment Act of the Constitution in 1951, has been designated as Kayin State Day, and its anniversaries have been celebrated since 1955, and this year marks the 64th anniversary.
At this time, led by the Union Government, all the national ethnic people are striving for the emergence of a democratic federal union. In doing so, the Union Government has focused on multisectoral development of the whole Union. It has worked for the harmonious and equitable development of all states and regions. In Kayin State, which has already signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA), the Union Government is implementing development programmes in this state for development of all sectors such as transportation, education, health, human resources development, electric power generation and the economic sectors. Furthermore, rehabilitation works for the devastations resulting from natural disasters that occurred in Kayin state are also being carried out in real time, in cooperation with the local people in Kayin State.
The Union Government and the ethnic armed organizations are working together for internal peace and national reconciliation both of which are essential for national development.
The meetings of Union Peace Conference – 21st Century Panglong have been held for the emergence of a democratic federal union, and agreement on 51 fundamental principles of the Union Accord have been reached. Mutual understanding, trust, patience, transparency, collaboration, respect, and friendly cooperation have prevented armed clashes in Kayin State, and the locals have been able to concentrate fully on development works. It is also believed that the local people in this state would be able to enjoy more socioeconomic development year by year. As the unity of the ethnic people and national reconciliation become stronger countrywide, a democratic and federal union will surely emerge based on the desire, strong endeavor, strong will and wisdom of the people.
Kayin State still has unspoiled natural beauties such as Mount Zwekabin, natural forests, ancient pagodas, natural caves and waterfalls and the Thanlwin River. Moreover, the honest and frank hospitality of the Kayin people have promoted the community-based tourism sector, and this pleasant and beautiful State has potentials to become an attractive destination for both local and foreign visitors. Moreover, Kayin State is a major trade zone in the southeast of the country. Two Myanmar-Thailand friendship bridges have created more employment opportunities and socioeconomic development for the local people.
The participation of all ethnic nationals and Union citizens through collective strength is required to overcome the existing and possible difficulties and challenges in transforming the Republic of the Union of Myanmar into a peaceful, prosperous and developed federal democratic union.
The cooperative effort of national ethnic people in Kayin State is a great strength in supporting the Union Government’s endeavours for the emergence of a peaceful country. By holding tightly the existing peace and development foundations, I urge all the national ethnic people in this message of greetings to work hard in unity for the emergence of a democratic federal union which has been our aspiration for many years.

(Win Myint)

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