The Republic of the Union of Myanmar Union Election Commission

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar Union Election Commission

Nay Pyi Taw
November 23, 2017

1. In Political Parties Registration Act, section 5/F and section 13 and Political Parties Registration (Regulation) 13/A it is strictly prescribed that political parties which will organize across the Union are required to organize at least 1000 party members, whereas those which will organize only in their respective Regions or States are under obligation to organize at least 500 party members. In case the amounts have decreased, the party concerned must organize to meet the designated requirement.

2. However, due to failure to abide by the prescribed rules and regulations, the Union Election Commission informed the political parties of following as prescribed in rules and regulations as regards the situations on the volume of the party members under the letter issued 5/Na Nga Ya—Supervision (2)/Ka Ma Ya dated on 26th October 2017.

3. And, political parties are issuing announcements and declarations for the public to be well convinced of parties’ stances and attitudes, of which the Union Election Commission essentially must have known. Thus, Union Election Commission has sought only a duplicate of these announcement and declarations which had already been issued to be sent to the Union Election Commission under the letter issued 5/Na Nga Ya-Supervision (1)/Ka Ma Ya dated on 25th October. The Union Election Commission absolutely makes no restriction, prevention, prohibition against political parties’ declaration and announcements, so as not to do so.

4. Some parties and individuals issued statements without constructive views and disclosure to news media, over performances of the Union Election Commission in accord with the prescription included in the law.

5. Accordingly, statements of some parties without solid evidences may cause misunderstanding toward the Union Election Commission among the public.

6. The Union Election Commission issued the notification that all political parties are required to abide by rules and regulations described in paragraph 1, as the Union Election Commission had performed its duties in accord with the prescriptions included in rules and regulations.

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