Rescue victims in eradicating trafficking in persons

The problems of trafficking in person are different from other criminal cases. Practically, those lawbreakers skillfully evade legal action of the government with creativity based on political, social, economic and development gaps, impacts of natural disasters and advancement of technologies.
Global countries are trying to eradicate trafficking in persons throughout the world. But, those countries are worrying that such a problem is still worsening day by day. Currently, human traffickers are stretching their wings to almost all countries, causing a terrible challenge which threats the social security of the whole world.
Primarily, the trafficked persons face problems in the cases of forced marriage with some men from China not only in the border areas but in China with a technique of luring innocent male and female youths to work at some jobs with high salaries, exploitation in various forms for those who seek jobs in neighbouring countries, forced prostitution in the country and varieties of exploitation over profits obtained from working at factories in the country.
Human traffickers apply advanced techniques to exploit the victims as well as evade from legal actions of the authorities and relevant law enforcement bodies at different levels. As such, those from law enforcement bodies need to pour out their knowledge and capabilities to compete with the lawbreakers in the eradication of human traffickers in various forms so as to save the trafficked victims from their nightmare events.
It is necessary to seek the best solution to the problems of trafficking in persons in order to effectively control and prevent the problems in a short-term plan with an immediate response by exposing the root causes of the cases. On the other hand, the authorities and relevant organizations need to join hands in conducting the reform process under the long-term plan regarding the measures on narrowing the development gap, creation of employment opportunities, and the wrong traditions and customs which forcefully push the victims into the cases of trafficking in persons.
In addition, the authorities need to emphasize rehabilitation and resettlement of trafficked victims after solving the cases. As the daily lifestyle of those victims needs to be harmonized with society, people from society should give a helping hand to them with empathy and compassion for their future.
The local authorities need to seek cooperation from counterpart bodies of neighbouring countries to eradicate transnational crime in human trafficking due to different legal frameworks. If so, their endeavours will not be in vain in solving the problems of trafficking in persons.

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