Residents from Khamaungseik, Tanugpyo Letwe and Myinlut villages evacuated

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Civilians are evacuated to a safe place by the security forces. Photo: State Counsellor Office Information Committee

Following a series of attacks by extremist terrorists on police and border guard outposts in Maungtaw District, Rakhine State, hundreds of civilians and government workers living near the Bangladesh border were evacuated yesterday, officials said.
Eleven staff members and five families from Taungpyo Letwe GAD, one staff member and seven family members from the Department for Development of Border Areas and National Races and two staff members from the Roads Department were moved to Region-1 Police Station of Border Guard Police Battalion. In addition, 17 staff members from Myinlut GAD were moved to the Maungtaw GAD Office and 12 education staff members to the Mawrawady Station of Border Guard Police, according to the State Counsellor Office Information Committee.
Six staff members from Khamaungseik GAD and 10 staff members from Basic Education Department joined their counterparts at Minhkamaung National Race Village, and measures are being taken to evacuate them to safety.
Children from the Nanthataung Philanthropic School, women and villagers totaling 400 were evacuated to Taungpyo BEHS by security personnel.
Additionally, 150 locals from Aungbala village arrived at Sasana Beikman in Buthidaung.
Local people from Taungbazar and Aungbala villages in Buthidaung township and departmental personnel were evacuated to a local military battalion.
Security personnel are in the process of evacuating innocent civilians in Maungtaw region to safer places and carrying out area clearance operations.


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