Restoration of Myanansankyaw Golden Palace nears completion

The general renovation works on the Myanansankyaw Golden Palace are underway using K135.977 million in 2023-2024FY, and now the operations are nearly completed, according to U Aung Aung Kyaw, Director of the Archaeology and National Museum Department (Admin).
The palace restoration works are being carried out with K135.977 million of the allocated budgets for this financial year and almost all the works are nearly completed by the end of August. Moreover, it uses K5.000 million funds for greening the area of wooden walls.
“About 30 types of general renovation works on Myanansankyaw Golden Palace are being conducted during the 2023-2024 financial year and almost all the works are nearly completed by the end of August. The completed operations are repairing of floors in the southern part of the palace, painting of concrete poles in Baungdaw Saung, lighting system of the Satawun building, installation of apparent bronze plates in the palace, greening works in the palace compound, and other works are completed about 90 per cent or 50 per cent,” he said.
It also completes about 90 per cent of the excavation of buildings, 25 per cent of replacing lacquered ropes on concrete posts at Myaynan Pyathat (main hall), 25 per cent of replacing wooden decking at the main hall, left-wing hall and right-wing hall, 60 per cent of installation of glass frame at Bamara Throne and highchair to step on the throne, 55 per cent for further exploring of things of King to display at King’s bed chamber, 25 per cent of repairing of the floor at South Dawe Hall, 50 per cent of repairing of brick pavement according to photo records of 1904, 25 per cent of installation of ancient style roof scuppers at tea hall and 55 per cent to place the litter in original size and photo records at the main hall.
The palace features the artworks of the late Konbaung and Yadanabon era. King Mindon ascended the throne on 17 February 1853 at Amarapura Palace and moved to the palace on 27 February 1857. In building the new palace, all the palace buildings from Amarapura were reassembled except the new Hmannan Saung. The construction started on 2 March 1858 and it included 114 buildings.
The palace was destroyed in the Second World War in 1945 and currently, there is only a wall of the meeting hall and the foundation of the palace. The State Law and Order Restoration Council renovated the palace in its original style. There are eight throne halls in the palace; Lion Throne Hall (Thihathana Palin) at Myaynan Pyathat, Elephant Throne Hall (Gajapana Palin) at Byai-Taik, Brahminy Duck Throne (Hsam Palin) at Zetawun, Royal Headgears Hall or Khayuthin Hall (Conch Hall) at Lay Tharhsaung, Bamarathana Throne Hall at Hmananhsaung, Marura Palinhsaung (Peacock Throne Hall) to the north, Miga Palinhsaung (Deer Throne Hall) to the south and Lotus Throne Hall to the west. — ASH/KTZH

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