Restoration work in Shwenandaw monastery

shwe Nan Taw Kyaung copy
World Monuments Fund renovating Shwenandaw Monastery in Mandalay. The monastery is one of major tourist attractions in old Mandalay.  Photo: Maung Pyi Thu (Mandalay)

Conservation work on Mandalay’s famed Shwenandaw monastery is being conducted by the World  Monuments Fund (WMF) with the support of the Department of Archaeology and the National Museum, under the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture.
Restorers plan to replace some of the damaged pieces of wood at the site. The WMF plans to restore the ruined parts of a veranda, which is a Konbaung-era design.
A lecture on Shwenandaw monastery renovation was held at the Jefferson library of the American Embassy’s information centre, located at the corner of 26th and 71st streets, Chanayethazan Town, Mandalay, on 14 November.
At the lecture, Dr Francois Tainturier, an architect with the WMF, spoke on the renovation of the ruined parts of the veranda with wooden building conservation technology, while Sculpture Master U Kan Chun talked about the restoration of sculptures at the site.
The lecture was attended by experts from the Archaeology Department (Mandalay branch), faculty members from Mandalay University’s History Department and the Yadanabon University’s Archaeology Department and the media.

— Maung Pyi Thu (Mandalay)
(Translated by Hay Mar)

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