Restore peace and build a peaceful and prosperous nation


The pursuit of peace is a shared aspiration for all, yet the means to achieve it vary. To have the most effective solution, it is imperative that everybody needs to evaluate conflicts based on various reasons with unbiased political and military outlooks.
Generally, both politicians and military personnel in all global countries ultimately share the same goal of restoring peace. Regardless of the approach, a fundamental requirement for achieving peace is a commitment to impartial, bilateral reviews. By doing so, wars can be brought to a halt, and peace can be restored for the benefit of all living beings. The resulting peace will then blossom across the world.
Currently, conflicts and wars persist worldwide, resulting in the loss of numerous civilian lives and the devastation of cities, both large and small. It is vital to reflect upon whether wars genuinely lead to peace when they also claim the lives and limbs of military personnel and civilians.
Those engaged in conflicts often claim that their actions are necessary to bring about peace for all, yet they accidentally cause harm to innocent civilians. Prior to achieving peace, it is essential to consider how much loss of life and limb is acceptable as a means to that end. The focus should be on the goal of ensuring the peace and prosperity of the people without any loss of life or limb.
In an ever-changing world, leaders must carefully consider and select the most effective path to forge peace for all. The global population desires the benefits of peace and the absence of casualties. Thus, all stakeholders must work tirelessly to relieve the burdens borne by people.
Presently, the people of Myanmar aspire to achieve a nationwide ceasefire. The government has made strides in amending the Constitution of 2008 to promote unity and enhance the nation’s image. A peaceful Myanmar would allow its citizens to stand tall among those from various countries worldwide. If wars come to an end, entire generations will no longer be subject to the impacts of conflict and will have ample opportunities to experience and enjoy the fruits of peace.
The pursuit of peace should be an unwavering commitment for all. The approach may differ, but the common goal should be to cease wars, restore peace, and ultimately build a peaceful and prosperous nation that preserves the lives and limbs of all its citizens.

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