Restore peace and stability first to develop the State economy

Myanmar faced an economic crisis in 2021 because of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic which hampered trade and domestic manufacturing processes. Meanwhile, unscrupulous persons attempted to attack and instigate the banking systems to collapse to deteriorate the State economy.
Hence, the government poured out strenuous efforts to the prevention of banking system from collapsing and impacting on State economy. For the time being, the government encourages domestic manufacturing functions to improve the domestic economy. In consequence, the people did not severely face shortages of foods but unavoidably experienced the disadvantages of high prices of commodities similar to other countries.
At that time, most global countries encountered consequences of severe infection by the Covid-19 pandemic across the world, political tension, shortages of commodities and skyrocketing prices of fuel. So also, Myanmar faced bad impacts of these consequences unavoidably.
Fortunately, as Myanmar is an agro-based country, products from agriculture and livestock farms are sufficient for domestic consumption. It enables the export of surplus products to foreign countries. Hence, boosting production will help the country improve the State economy.
In 2022, Myanmar could control the infection of the pandemic and resume the border trade process to some extent. As such, the minute situation of the State economy led to the plus. On the other hand, the government allotted funds to regions and states to operate manufacturing industries using domestic raw materials. Thus, these manufacturing industries help the regions and local people increase their incomes and improve socioeconomic life.
Any job cannot be accomplished without the efforts of individuals. So also, all the missions and visions must be implemented through collaborative efforts of the people and the government. People throughout the nation need to overcome challenges in all working processes including any disturbances to secure achievements in all sectors. In this regard, these achievements must be contributions to the development of the nation.
Everybody needs to assess their capabilities and endeavours how they can do, what they can do and how to do anything. Not only the governing bodies but also the people are to seek the best ways and means to be applied for improvement of the socioeconomic life of the people as well as the State economy. All the people have to understand the important role of peace and stability and they need to consider that only when the country is peaceful and stable, can development undertakings be carried out in a smooth process.

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