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Returnees welcomed back at respective border crossings

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Returnees check in for reception process.

Myanmar officials have been welcoming the returnees repatriated from abroad through the respective land borders.
On 2 November, a total of 40 Myanmar nationals – 28 men and 12 women returned home through Chinshwehaw, northern Shan State while 2 men and 1 woman returned to Laukkai. Yesterday, a total of 496 people – 249 men and 247 women were repatriated to Myawady.
Healthcare professionals and members of the Tatmadaw medical team carried out the COVID-19 tests, provided documents required for quarantine, and explained the instructions of the Ministry of Health. Officials from the respective military commands and departments provided necessary assistance as well.
The returnees were transported to their respective homes by buses arranged by the township administration bodies, and those diagnosed with COVID-19 disease were sent to quarantine centres to provide the necessary medical and administration support. — MNA

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