RG Logistics launches multimodal transport services

The RGL dry port directly connects with maritime ports by cars or trains. Photo: Supplied

The RGL Dryport, MITT Port and COSCO shipping line have jointly established an export cargo as the Myanmar’s first ever dry port in the country on 1 June.

It is also a new step of the Resources Group Logistics to connect with Ywarthargi dry port , Myitnge dry port and Myanmar International Terminal Thilawa port for development of an export cargo to offer one-stop service for custom clearance services, cargo handling and logistics solution for international export and import.

The RGL Dry port is an inland transit port that directly connects with maritime ports by cars or trains.

The dry port of RG Logistics opened its Ywarthargi dry port on 11 November 2018, and the company spent K32,757.29 million for Ywarthargi dry port on 40 acres of land and K33,417.93 million for Myitnge dry port on 32 acres of land.—GNLM

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