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Rice and wheat donated by India to be distributed in Yangon Region coordinated


The Indian government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, donated rice and wheat to Myanmar.
The Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief & Resettlement coordinated with the Yangon Region Government to accept a total of rice of 10,000 tonnes and wheat of 200 tonnes.
Among the rice and wheat donated by India, 280 containers of rice of 7,560 tonnes were reached Asia World Port, 90 containers of rice of 2,440 tonnes Myanmar Industry Port (MIP) on 17 March and nine containers of wheat of 200 tonnes were reached to MIP Port on 30 March, respectively.
So, the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief & Resettlement coordinated with relevant departments to get import permits, exemption from customs and commercial taxes, special orders and delivery orders for taking out rice and wheat from ports.
Afterwards, 47 containers of rice (25,354 bags of rice), nine containers of wheat (4,000 bags of wheat) were taken out from 5 April to 11 April.
These donated rice and wheat will be provided through the Central Warehouse (Yangon) by the Yangon Disaster Management Department officials under the close supervision of the Yangon Region Government to people in need.
Efforts are being made to take out and distribute the remaining rice and wheat as soon as possible.
The transport and distribution cost is provided by the approval of the fund (GRF) of the Central Committee on Prevention, Control and Treatment of COVID-19. — MNA

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