Rice export by sea accumulates US$24.057 mln in Nov 2nd week

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Lorries loaded with export rice bags are seen on the Sino-Myanmar border.

Myanmar shipped 58,780 tonnes of rice and broken rice to foreign trade partners via maritime trade in the second week of November, generating an income of US$24.057 million.
The country exported 3,661 tonnes of rice to European Union countries and about 35,290 tonnes to Asian countries.
The export volume stood at approximately 2,000 tonnes to Bangladesh, 10,230 to the Philippines, 3,550 to China, over 120 to Malaysia, about 1,280 to Poland, 50 to Lithuania and England, over 420 to Romania, 2,501 to Slovenia, 200 to Bulgaria, 200 to Germany, 250 to Greek and 110 to Croatia respectively. Meanwhile, Myanmar conveyed 520 tonnes to China via cross-border posts with an estimated value of $1.96 million. Myanmar’s rice export through sea trade channels totalled 13,630 tonnes and bagged $4.941 million.
Furthermore, broken rice exports were estimated at over 13,130 tonnes to Belgium, over 370 tonnes to Poland, 75 tonnes to Singapore and 50 tonnes to the Czech Republic.
Additionally, broken rice exports were estimated at over 5,230 tonnes on the Sino-Myanmar border and over 450 tonnes on the Myanmar-Thailand border. Therefore, the export value of broken rice by sea or across borders amounted to over 5,680 tonnes worth $2.033 million. — TWA/GNLM

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