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Rice export via maritime trade accumulates $2.619 mln within week ending 19 Aug

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Export rice is loaded onto the overseas-going cargo vessel.

Myanmar shipped 6,310 tonnes of rice to foreign trade partners via the maritime trade in the week ending on 19 August, generating a revenue of US$2.619 million.
The country exported 2,950 tonnes of rice to European Union countries and about 3,360 tonnes to Asian countries.
The export volume stood at approximately 3,110 tonnes to China, 250 to Malaysia, 1,016 to Poland, 500 to the Netherlands, 200 to Germany, 200 to Croatia, 260 to Slovenia, 225 to Czech, 250 to the UK, 125 to Italy, 125 to Libya and 50 to Estonia respectively.
Meanwhile, Myanmar conveyed more than 3,680 tonnes of rice to China via cross-border posts with an estimated value of over $1.359 million. Myanmar’s rice export through border routes and sea trade channels totalled 9,990 tonnes and bagged $3.978 million.
Furthermore, Myanmar exported $0.808 million worth of 2,320 tonnes of broken rice to external markets by the sea in the week ending on 19 August. Exports of broken rice went to China (1,820 tonnes) and the Netherlands (500 tonnes).
Additionally, broken rice exports were estimated at over 5,970 tonnes on the Sino-Myanmar border and 320 tonnes on the Myanmar-Thailand border, totalling 6,300 tonnes in cross-border trade. Therefore, the export value of broken rice by sea or across borders amounted to 8,620 tonnes worth $2.917 million.
Between 13 and 19 August, Myanmar earned $6.895 million from 18,610 tonnes of rice and broken rice exports. The export volume was down by over 1,900 tonnes compared to that of the previous week, while the export value fell by $0.42 million. — TWA/GNLM

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