Rice listed as main export to Bangladesh through Maungtaw Trade Zone

Workers carrying sacks of rice in Maungtaw Trade Zone, Maungtaw. Photo: Aung Ye Thwin/Ko Min
Workers carrying sacks of rice in Maungtaw Trade Zone, Maungtaw. Photo: Aung Ye Thwin/Ko Min

Rice exports to Bangladesh reached more than 13,400 tons through the Maungtaw Trade Zone, becoming the largest export to the neighbouring country in the ten months of the 2017-2018 FY.
Up to 14 January 2017-2018 FY, 13420 tons of rice had been exported. The first largest export to Bangladesh is rice, while the second is aquatic products, and the third follows instant foods and other manufacturing products, such as sweets, Thanaka, a yellowish-white cosmetic paste made from ground bark, anti-acne cream, blankets, shoes and coffee mix.
“Rice from Buthidaung is transported by truck to Maungtaw port and exported to Bangladesh. Exports were temporarily stopped in September. There are nearly 100 workers in that port. They can also make a good living when a sea route to Bangladesh returns to normalcy”, a rice trader said.
“There are about 10 traders in Maungtaw Town, including me. Our main export to Bangladesh is rice and palm jam, dried fishes. Ginger and cosmetics are also being exported. A round way to the Bangladesh side is by private rental motor boats, which takes three days. The water way is now favorable and, therefore, we are continuously exporting. We transport about 2000 sacks of rice at one time. As the market is also better, we can earn profits”, he added.
Myanmar’s main exports to Bangladesh are rice, ginger, silk, cotton, onions, fish, prawns, dried fish, bamboo, cane, and other industrial goods.
Imports arriving through the Maungtaw Border Trade Zone from Bangladesh have ceased since the violent attacks in October 2016.
The trade zones between Myanmar and Bangladesh mostly rely on the swell and ebb of the river, and the Kanyin Chaung trade zone is being developed to pave way for larger cargo vessels, according to officials.—Aung Ye Thwin/ Ko Min

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