Righteous men are none the worse for any criticism

  • Khin Maung Oo

There seems to be an element of hyperbole in such a claim that dishonest or morally corrupted persons are getting on in life and doing well in our world. Yes, it is completely right. Crimes are increasing more and more. Our surroundings are full of thieves, robbers and merciless killers. What is worse, we are living in the immediate vicinity of enemies of mass destruction. An enemy—small or big, is dangerous. Undeniably, we cannot live under the full guarantee of protection of the law yet. As said by many, rule of law plays an important role in helping us reach a state of peace and stability.
Some will say that as we have had authorities and responsible personnel to administer justice and the law by exercising power vested in them, we need not concern ourselves about it. Quite wrong in saying so! We are all responsible for it. The above-said authorities are performing duties assigned by the law legislated by the parliamentarians whom we have chosen. Thus, we are required to closely monitor the assigned public officials in the performance of their duties in the right way and to ensure that laws and rules are in sync with current situations. Power can destroy a person and absolute power can cause a complete destruction of the whole human society, if used wrongly. We need to call selected representatives back, if they were found to be using their power and authority in the wrong way. We must keep in our mind that money is not power but it is a powerful weapon, especially for those who would like to ruin our society.
As known to all, our country is facing many difficulties and problems—sky-rocketing commodity prices, increasing unemployment rate, bribery and corruption, a threatening danger of narcotic drugs, payment of foreign debts—a legacy left by the previous regime, and so on. The incumbent government does not have a miraculous power of healing all these problems. Every individual of wisdom or common sense knows that it will take time to remove these problems accumulated during several decades, or rather half a century. Of all these problems, bribery & corruption, dangers of narcotic drugs, creation of racial & religious conflicts and attempts to wage aggression by armed groups are the biggest ones. Some media which are void of media ethics are sparking conflicts by spreading invented stories, to arouse misunderstanding in the international community. Failure to describe attacks and aggressions of armed groups and lack of expression of policemen and government troops being killed in their armed attacks depict that their news and information are ex parte ones. Our troops are launching just and fair battles to safeguard the sovereignty of the State. Tatmataw troops and police forces have been performing their duties bravely. We are well convinced that they will never ever yield to any aggressions of enemies, with arms akimbo. Simultaneously, the government is trying to solve the problem by having a report on Rakhine Affairs submitted by the Advisory Commission on Rakhine State led by Mr Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary-General who is a globally respected person.
Destructive elements from home and abroad will be making subversive activities all the time. With concerted efforts, we will conquer difficulties and reach a modernized federal democratic Union, in 20 years to come as said by our State Counsellor, on one condition that the Government, the Tatmataw and the People work together for the good of the country. We will try to be the best, by co-existing peacefully with all countries, and by amending necessary things on the way to our destination. To sum up, righteous men are none the worse for any criticism, accusations and allegations as long as we hold and practice right attitudes and deeds.

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