Righting the wrong requires hard work

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Government agencies need to work more effectively so that people can enjoy the fruits of Myanmar’s democratisation process.
In the past, successive governments confiscated land without providing compensation. As farmers relied on the land for their livelihoods, they suffered greatly when they lost it. Some became homeless while others became jobless. Poverty levels soared as a result.
When the country’s first democratic government came to power in 2010, it wisely adopted a policy of returning confiscated lands or compensating owners at market prices. Those whose lands were confiscated were greatly relieved to have it returned or receive compensation. However the five year term of the government has almost come to an end and not everyone has gotten their land back or received adequate compensation. This is partly because some of the government agencies responsible for implementing the policy have delayed doing so. As a result, the problem of land confiscation and poverty lingers on in Myanmar. Government agencies must work more effectively to right the wrongs.

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