Rights and duties are correlated and inter dependent

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It is said man is a social animal. His physical, mental and moral needs force him to have a craving for group life. He seeks to realise his needs and purposes in life through concerted and associated action. Groups and associations have thus come into existence to fulfil the multifarious needs of human life. In this regard, the state is the most powerful and most important of all groups and associations. It is in the nature of group organisations that it embodies the principle of reciprocity. This being so, one of the main consequences of group life has been the correlation and interdependence of rights and duties.
A state is known from the rights it provides to its citizens. Rights are maintained and enforced by the state. The enjoyment of rights involves fulfilment of certain obligations. All rights involves an obligation to use them in a proper way. In fact, people are vested with the powers to enable them to perform their duties. The correlation of rights and duties is the result of our social existence. Everybody owes to the society as much as he demands from it in the form of rights.
Nowadays, the idea of citizenship includes not only the civil and political dimensions but also a social component.  Nevertheless, it would be imprudent to assume that the different components of rights of modern citizenship are equally guaranteed by the state. Not only are the civil and social rights founded on different principles and basis, there may exist some tension with each other. It is worth remembering that the social rights are always threatened by the civil rights.

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