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Rioters break into eyewear store in Mandalay

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Toetatwai Family Eyewear Store was left in diarray after break-in by rioters in Mandalay.

A group of rioters broke into Toetatwai Family Eyewear Store and took expensive glasses yesterday afternoon in Mahaaungmye township in Mandalay Region.

The group led by U Tint Swe, Hla Ko and Maung Myint Soe ran away when security forces came to the store located between 88th road and 89th road, on 38th street.

The owner of the shop, Kyaw Kyaw Wai, and his wife, Daw Myint Myint Thin, temporarily closed their shop and moved to a relative’s house for fear of being threatened by rioters in the area.

The government is taking legal action against those involved in such anarchic acts against those living and working in the area.—MNA

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