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Rioters in Bago detained by law

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Debris are seen on a road in Bago after rioters destroy a shop.

As some towns have been placed under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code since 8 February, those who violate the Section 144 and who instigate the people to carry out Civil Disobedience Movement-CDM have been warned that actions would be taken against them.

However, about 3000 people gathered near the river crossing bridge in Bago and staged protest yesterday morning without following the Section 144.
To prevent the riots which can lead to harming the community peace and the rule of law, the security forces requested the people to disperse.

As the people did not follow the request, the security forces fire a tear gas canister to the group to disperse the crowd. However, about 1000 people remained there and turned to anarchy mob robbing nearby shops, burning and attacking the security forces with slingshots.

To prevent the anarchy mob by protesters, the security forces dispersed the crowd by following steps and procedures for dispersing crowds in accordance with the law and with minimum force. The crowd dispersed at 12:30 pm.

In the incident, 21 members of the security forces were injured and two men died. A local police station concerned has opened a file for the deaths and is investigating into the case.

The video files of anarchy mob in which the rioters were destroyed the nearby shops were found on the social media following the incident.

As the State Administration Council is not willing to take action against the people under the existing laws, the council has issued orders and notifications to the people to understand the criminal laws to ensure that they can avoid from incitement for riots. Hence, the people are requested not to accept the incitement of NLD politicians and to focus livelihoods.—MNA

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