Rising rape cases threatening young girls


By Maung Thaung Win (Former Diplomat)

The writer of this article has read some news items on rape cases on the social media networks on 15 February 2018 citing news release from the Ministry of Home Affairs which clarified the statistics of sex assaults from 2016 to 2017; the root causes of the abuses; and the behaviors to be avoided.
The statistics have indicated that the rising cases of rape assaults are threatening to the young women, especially the children.

More rape cases reported
During 2016 in the regions and the states of Myanmar, there were (671) rape assaults on under (16) years girls, while 2017 recorded (897) rape cases, with the increase number of (226). In the year 2016, the number of rape cases hit (429) on women above (16) years, and the year 2017 edge over with (508) sex assaults, hitting (79) more abuses of tragedy.
Counting the numbers, the regions and the states have witnessed (1100) sex abuses in 2016 and (1405) rapes in 2017, surpassing (305) physical assaults. These are the real alarming and frightening statistics and information to the public.

Root causes
The main reasons in the sex assaults on immature girls are interpreted as that of the wrong assumption of acquiring extreme sensual pleasure to intercourse with underage young girl; that of over drunkenness; that of sex assault on one owns daughter after drug abuse; that of sex abuse on young girls targeted as the victims who are in disadvantages as weaker sex; that of wrong enjoyment of pornographic pictures and sex movies; that of sex abuse to minor girls who are not under the care of parents by seducing with cash, snacks and gifts; and that of lack of knowledge on the part of the young girls.
The rape cases against the above (16) years girls were occurred and the main reasons are construed as that of the women engage in alcoholic drinking; that of consuming sex stimulant drugs; that of easy accessible on the sex movies over the Internet through the hand phones; that of wrong replication and mimic to careless parents on love making manners at home; and that of staying with the broken family households.

Push factors and wrong signals
The main reason on the rape cases is found to be the absence of common human sense and sensibility. The push factors and the wrong signals that cause rape assaults are that of lack in basic education; that of the deficiency in general knowledge; that of absence in religious teaching; that of drinking alcohol; that of using drugs; that of profuse enjoyment of phonographic video, sex literature and sexual category photos. These are the factors that push towards sex assaults.
In Myanmar, at a time when the cell phone SIM cards are easily available in the market, the Facebook culture has started to take stride, resulted with the increase of crime; especially the rise of rape cases on the underage girls; the violence against women; and the drugs trafficking. In other words, it could be said that some persons are misusing and exploiting the social media networks.
The other factor is the deep poverty that enveloped the society. The youth of today have been deprived of education. There are many dropouts in the middle schools. Young children have to take up jobs at tea stalls and restaurants. The young kids have to engage in livelihoods as hawkers of cigarettes and beta leaves rolls at the bus stops, the traffic lights, the railways stations, the highway bus terminals. They have met and dealt with all sorts of people, and learned assortment of tricks. Finally, the young kids turned into juvenile delinquency.
Especially, there are many young people in the villages who have never attended school. If a person knows at least to read, he might be reading by himself, and would never bother to his environment and give trouble.

[quote font=”helvetica” font_size=”18″ bgcolor=”#dedee2″ color=”#030000″ bcolor=”#0528f9″ arrow=”yes”]If the criminals are not given severe punishments, then they would continue to commit violence acts at wills in the society. Most importantly, actions and punishments are to be given on the criminals, otherwise they would be roaming on the streets ready to commit again.[/quote]

Assortment of crimes
A lot of undesired events regarding the young ones appeared in the social media networks which are alarmingly disgusting. News of tragedy where seen such as that a young guy drinking alcohol with his elderly friend and then raped the daughter; that a young girl was raped and strangled to death; that of the latest news of sadism was the brutal rape of two years child who later succumbed to death. All the parents encountered the mishaps with the broken hearts.
We have been reading with disgust on many criminal cases in the daily newspapers. Brutal news such as that of husband killing wife; that of wife killing husband; that of offspring killing parents; that of the parents torturing and killing the kids; that of killing among the brothers and sisters; that of burglary, theft, cheating, drug trafficking and log smuggling. Such news appeared daily in the papers. Worst news happened to be the rape and kill of small children.
Moreover, rape cases on young children, sex abuse and violence against women are in the papers most frequently. In some rape cases, the young victims were under the age of five. In some of the bizarre cases, the predators raped and killed the victims. The cases were the most alarming and disturbing issues. The acts are inhumane and it could be assumed that the perpetrators are out of their mind. In most cases, the stronger and tougher males bullied the weaker females. Therefore, the women folk must be protected pragmatically in accordance with law. Especially, the cruel criminals must be taken action with severe heavy punishments.
Effective punishment needed
In the social media, many questions are being raised over the prevalence of security and rule of law. There are loud and clear demands appeared in the social media to entail effective and heavy punishment on the rapists. In the case of brutal rape incidents, just long term prison sentence is not quite sufficient and efficient, some viewed. Some inmates who could buy the comfort inside the penitentiary are enjoying as if the venue is their luxury resort.
Due to bribery and corruption of some dishonored officers and staff members, the judicial pillar is now in a weak and pathetic situation. In fact, the wicked criminals are ought to be punished with heavier punishments as exemplary cases.
If the criminals are not given severe punishments, then they would continue to commit violence acts at wills in the society. Most importantly, actions and punishments are to be given on the criminals, otherwise they would be roaming on the streets ready to commit again.
Although the four cardinal virtues prevail in Myanmar, the tragic criminal news are abundant in the country, and that women and especially children are being violently bullied, raped and killed, and the writer as a parent felt extremely dreadful in broken hearts. As a result, people went down the street in demanding heavier punishment on the rapists. It should be implemented. We all have the responsibility to help protect and secure the lives of the women folk.

Responsibilities of the parents
The parents should never leave their daughters, especially young girls to be alone. The usual criminals are prowling nearby. Even some of the old age males are not to be relied upon with trust. All the stranger males are never to be trusted. The parents must never let their daughters to be with any male strangers. When going to school, tuition and other classes, the girl should be accompanied with other women companions. If possible, the parents should accompany the girl.
In some cases of rape against young girls, the responsibility and blame lies with the patents. For instance, some fathers send the daughters to buy cigarettes and alcohol at night time. Some parents left the girl alone at home. The rapist is waiting to get the prey. Whatever it may be young girl is never to be left alone as the situation might invite criminals.
Must keep in mind
At a time when the crime cases are on the rise on the women folk and young girls, the women in Myanmar must be attentive and careful in their every moment of activities. If the woman is going out on business matter at night time, a companion must be called in. The clothing must be decent and proper, not showy. Fashion clothing and trendy outfits showing too much of the body must be avoided as it could tend to invite criminals. Too much stylish outfits are not advisable to wear as the girls might be mistaken with the call girls or hookers.

Operations needed
At the moment, the strength and man power of the Myanmar Police Force and their police equipment are not adequate enough for the security and safety of the 53 million populations. Therefore, the welfare organizations, the social organizations and the people must come together for a good cooperation. If we have enough responsible citizens for the safety of the country, the crime cases especially the rape cases on young girls could be reduced to some extent.
In wrapping up the article, the distress news on the rape cases on young girls and the violence against women were reported in the papers in Myanmar. The parents are worried over the offspring girls. Especially, young girl should not be left alone at home. Moreover, the women folk are afraid to out at night time. The parents are worried when the girls are not back at home.
Some of the rapists not only assault on sex, but killed the victim later. These are the inhumane acts. The savage criminals are to be taken action with heavier punishment. Whatever, the situation maybe, the parents of the girls must take special care and give watchful eyes especially those who have young girls under their embrace.

Translated by UMT of Ahlon

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