Roadblocks restored along Maha Bandoola Road

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Small roadblocks are seen on Maha Bandoola Road.

Small roadblocks were restored along the middle of the Maha Bandoola Road on 23 July, according to a taxi driver Ko Thaw.
Around 1970, there were large concrete plinths with trees planted in the middle of the road. Around the year 2000, the large plinths with trees were no longer seen, but concrete blocks were lined up in the middle of the road. There were some collisions between vehicles driving on the road with some blocks in the middle of the road.
Therefore, before 2020, these concrete blocks have been removed from most of Yangon City’s roads. Instead, a series of small roadblocks were seen. It is learned that in the middle of Pyay road, there are flower beds in the middle of the road.
Due to the roadblocks, various vehicles driving on the one side of the middle of the road, especially some large passenger cars, can no longer drive on the white line drawn in the middle of the road. As there are also benches in the middle of the road, it is seen that vehicles, including slow vehicles, are driving in an orderly manner. — TWA/GNLM

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