Roads to be paved at Muse 105-mile trade zone

A truck runs near Muse 105-mile trade zone in northern Shan State. File Photo: Phoe Khwar

Upgrading the roads at the Muse 105-mile trade zone will involve construction of reinforced concrete roads for the convenience of trucks going to and from Muse 105-mile trade zone.
The mayor of Shweli, a major city in Yunnan Province, China, said his city will spend 10 million yuan on the construction of the concrete roads to speed up the flow of commodities.
An official also said that the Shweli mayor will not charge entrance fees into the trade zone and will spend their own funds for constructing the concrete roads. Completion of the roads will facilitate the arrival and departure of the trucks to and from the checkpoints.
About 500 export vehicles and 400 import vehicles travel the roads to and from the Muse 105-mile trade zone every day. Priority will be given to paving of the concrete roads at the import/export checkpoints because the budget of 10 million yuan is not enough for the entire zone.

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