Role of individual citizens called key to overcoming all challenges

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With the return of some 50 Myanmar migrant workers from Thailand yesterday, the Union Government resumed its well-practiced acceptance process.
The government thought the number of returnees from foreign countries would exceed 100,000, with most arriving from Thailand and Malaysia.
Like parents and children, the government will accept all migrant workers, regardless of whether they sought work overseas legally, or otherwise.
After medical checks, migrant workers are being transported to their native villages, in accordance with social distancing rules, where they are placed in facility quarantine for 21 days.
With their return, our struggle begins for providing health care to migrant workers, and for their social issues, including their livelihoods.
Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in China, the Union Government has organized rapid responses to the pandemic.
The Union Government left no stone unturned in fighting the disease, pledging that no one would be left behind during the prevention and treatment of the COVID-19 disease.
Migrant workers, who are also our citizens, cannot be left out of planning for responding to the pandemic, amidst the gravity of COVID-19 and its impact on society and the nation’s economy.
The return of migrant workers during the spreading of the Coronavirus in our country is one of many challenges we are facing today.
Despite such challenges, we are confident that the participation of our people can overcome all obstacles. Individual citizens must do what has been outlined by authorities in the face of the crisis, which is the answer for tackling all challenges.
Why? We have witnessed our achievements in containing the COVID-19, to date. In our country, there are 151 people infected with the disease, along with six dead and 28 who have recovered from the infection. In comparison, the situation in our country is not as severe as other countries now face. No doubt, we have been successful, thus far, thanks to the public’s participation and awareness.
Again, this is credited to the crucial role of public participation in preventing and containing the global pandemic.
Our country is not rich. But, the government is committed to exerting its best efforts in fighting the disease and in providing treatment to all suspected patients, whether the infection is severe or not, with the use of all possible resources to overcome outbreaks of the disease.
Hence, we would like to urge our people to remain farsighted, determined, diligent and unified.

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