Roll up your sleeves

Our country has gone through the devastation of ethnic rivalaries for over six decades, leaving successive generations suffering from the curse of armed conflict. Despite the ongoing peace conference, sporadic armed conflicts still break out occasionally and hamper efforts to restore lasting peace.
We cannot afford to allow current disputes to escalate into a further threats to the peace process and democratic reform. It seems that all the parties engaged in the peace talks are found lacking proper motivation for trying to reach an agreement by peaceful means. After all, they are left with no choice but to leave their disagreements behind and start looking for common ground on the restoration and maintenance of peace. They have brought limited commitment and enthusiasm to the negotiating table and have acted with some sympathy for innocent victims.
In the event of any outbreak of armed conflict, both sides would assert their right to protect themselves and shift the blame to the other party, thereby widening the gap that undermines peacemaking. It would benefit warring groups to remember that casualties do not incur on a particular side. In other words, neither soldiers nor enemies are killed in war. Simply put, they all are human beings who are killed on flimsy pretexts.
All things considered, there is a pressing need for informal avenues to conflict resolution alongside the formal peace processes. It is therefore necessary to push all the parties concerned to roll up their sleeves in the search for an early resolution to their disputes and the full restoration of peace.

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