RTAD notifies de-registration of modified vehicles on slip returns before fiscal year-end


Over 100 of the modified motor vehicles are notified of de-registration at the Road Transport Administration Department (RTAD) before the end of the current financial year, to receive slips (import permits) in return, the department recently announced.
RTAD is issuing slips for passenger cars after the modified vehicles are struck off by the registrar. Slips for over 200 vehicles have been issued. RTAD notified the remaining owners to process slip return for de-registration of six vehicles impounded at the police station and 114 cars in the vehicle owners’ hands at the respective RTAD branches in Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw, Ayeyawady, Taninthayi and Bago regions and Shan, Kayin and Mon states, as per RTAD’s data.
Earlier, the RTAD collected fines for modifications detected on a vehicle’s body coach during the examination. Under Section 4 (18) (e) of the 2015 Motor Vehicles Law, the registration of a motor vehicle can be cancelled if the type, year, structure, or body of the vehicle has been changed without permission. RTAD has been confiscating modified vehicles since June 2018. However, the government has granted some relief to owners of modified vehicles by issuing import permit slips (Form Ds) to them, starting from 1 October 2019. Under the Motor Vehicles Law, the cars will be seized and cancelled from the list on account of modifications, such as the installation of new parts and changes in the body coach. But, the current move aims to cover the loss to the owners, said RTAD Director U Lian Cin Mang (aka Ngam Khai Pa Pa).
If modified vehicles are found, they will be de-registered and slips will be returned.
The Ministry of Transport and Communications has already notified vehicle owners about the announcement on slip returns and urged them to contact RTAD.
Between 2017 and 23 September 2019, 362 modified vehicles have been identified as per RTAD data.
At present, there are over 1.09 million vehicles registered across the country, and about half of them are registered in Yangon.—Ko Khant (Translated by Ei Myat Mon)

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