Rubber price increases slightly in Thaton market

The price of rubber has increased slightly compared to the opening price quoted earlier in the local market of Thuwana Town, Thaton Township, Mon State, due to a large demand.

IMG 20191108 121211 copy
Workers selling smoked rubber sheets to customers at a rubber market in Thaton Township. 
Photo : Khun (Win Pa)

“We are earning well from tapping rubber latex. Some owners have agreed to share half of the profits. A total of 30 rubber sheets are being sold per month for rubber tapping with the labor. High price of rubber benefits growers and workers. We prefer to use sulfuric acid instead of formic acid for coagulating rubber from latex as we cannot afford formic acid,” said a rubber sheet seller from Ngaringyi village.
“Many sellers can be seen, especially in the festival season. A pound of rubber fetches K755, and we purchase between 15,000 lbs to over 20,000 lbs per day,” according to the Shwe Letsaung rubber trading depot.
Mon State is the main producer of rubber with the highest yield in the country. Price fluctuation is the main problem faced by rubber growers and traders in Thaton Township. — Khun (Win Pa)

(Translated by La Wonn)

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