Rubbish collection in Yangon to be privatised

Rubbish collection in the Yangon Region will be handed over to private enterprises, according to U Maung Maung Soe, Yangon City Mayor.
Fees for rubbish collection may rise if leases are granted to private companies, but a condition that the cost will not be a great burden to the people has been imposed in the handover, it is learnt.
“In every developing country, governments are supporting in this sector. It will be better provided that taxes are collected accurately and these taxes are rightfully spent. There has been a plan to hand over the garbage collection works to private companies in the tenure of the new government,” said Mayor U Maung Maung Soe.
It is learnt that Yangon City Development Committee will perform in accord with working commitments in handing over the works to private companies that can efficiently run the tasks, ensuring that nepotism does not occur in the granting of the contracts.
The Yangon Region produces over 2,500 tons of rubbish daily, and YCDC is performing its daily garbage collection routines at a loss of about K 133 Lakhs per day.
Currently, YCDC is collecting monthly refuse disposal fees of Ks600 from each house in the municipal areas, Ks450 in related townships and Ks300 each in suburban areas.
The YCDC employs 4,000 sanitation workers who collect trash from over 8,000 dustbins and nearly 3,000 trolleys using more than 450 dust collecting vehicles.

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