Rumours are more dreadful than wildfires

It is true that a certain wildfire can make it into the top-ten list of the most dreadful events that could ever take place in the life of an individual. After all, who would have known that a mere cigarette which was perhaps not properly extinguished could become the tiny spark required to light up a whole forest? Or a careless mistake of a random citizen could be the very cause that would result in angry red and orange flames so bright that any passerby would think that it was day time. And who knew that man’s greatest discovery—fire would be the undoing—making things disappear? Indeed, a wildfire, that could plunge a city into the state of a ghost town, is undesirable. Yet, if there are no more left to catch fire or provided that it can be extinguished from the ground and by spraying water from the aircraft, it can be brought under control.
However, as we rummage through our thoughts concerning wildfires, sooner or later, we would slowly be reminded of a particular saying that rumours spread like wildfire. A rumour, as known to each and every one of us, is a message, whether phony or genuine, which could bring total destruction to a person’s life, or a society.
It is quite obvious that a wildfire could bring about an unbelievable catastrophe to the lives of many people. That is because any person caught up in this wildfire would, without a doubt, lose everything and sometimes he may be at the mercy of Death. Indeed, it is a sad and painful event. However, as long as you have the determination and capabilities, you can always begin your new journey, which might even turn out to be better. Rumours, on the other hand, can probably harm both the physical and mental state of every individual. Suppose that there was a false rumour about a dignified person that he had compromising affairs with his juniors. He, for certain, would be under the burden of a ten-ton pressure or perhaps eventually loses his sanity before he knew that he was no longer himself. And so, I believe that it can be said that rumours are the very things that could swallow us slowly and steadily and drown us in a pool of misery.
Nowadays, with advanced technology, destructive elements are coming to use Photoshop to spread rumours, aiming at instigating riots, conflicts and misunderstanding among people. The impacts of these rumours sometimes may be great. These rumours are mostly concerned with racial and religious affairs. Rumours are easier spread than erased. That is because even some educated people tend to believe them as they are being influenced by prejudices. Mischievous people spread and will be spreading malicious rumours for their  own benefit,  all the time. Truth will come out one day. But, we, all who love the truth, are responsible to unmask these evildoers who use digital technology to spread their wicked propaganda.

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