Rural development programme proposed at the wrong time: MPs

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U Thaung Aye, a Member of Parliament for PyawBwe constituency, urged the Union Government to implement an all-round development programme for small and medium-sized enterprises, including livestock and agriculture, and to provide grants for housing so that poverty can be reduced and living standards improved.
“The vision for a higher standard of living for rural life is a long-term strategic procedure based on high productivity and economic development, so the first important thing to do is to generate more foreign income through high productivity,” said U Sein Win, MP for Ma U Bin constituency to the question on the sixth day of the 2nd Pyithi Hluttaw’s fourth regular session. He also discussed the need for agricultural sector development, with resolution of land conflicts a priority before transforming to an advanced agricultural process from traditional agriculture.
U Sein Win also said that small and medium sized producers need to be upgraded based on modern agricultural methods and that the government is also planning for all-round development. U Zaw Thein, MP for Wakema Constituency, objected because he said the proposer should not urge the Union Government at the present period when it is making a great effort to establish priorities and additional requests could slow down the plan.
The focus of the country’s development is internal peace and national reconciliation, which was announced in the declaration after the election.
The 21st Century Panglong conference is being held nationwide means people desire peace and the government, the Htuttaw, the Tatmataw are working together as a priority task so that the government should not be asked for a rural development project through the Htuttaw, U Zaw Thein said.
The proposal drew 221 objection votes, 147 supporting votes and four neutral votes.


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