Russia-ASEAN summit held in Sochi

Russian President Vladimir Putin shows way to Myanmar’s President U Htin Kyaw during welcoming ceremony for heads of the delegations at the Russia-ASEAN summit in Sochi, Russia on 20 May.
Russian President Vladimir Putin shows way to Myanmar’s President U Htin Kyaw during welcoming ceremony for heads of the delegations at the Russia-ASEAN summit in Sochi, Russia on 20 May.

PRESIDENT U Htin Kyaw delivered an address at Russia-ASEAN Summit in Sochi yesterday, expressing the summit as a landmark in ASEAN-Russia relations, saying that Russia is an important partner for ASEAN member nations.
“It is delightful Russia lays emphasis upon ASEAN’s centrality and Russian’s participation in ASEAN-led processes contributes a lot to regional peace and development,” said the president in his address.
President U Htin Kyaw went on to say that they have common views in economic cooperation that they would cooperate in overcoming the global economic difficulty, that Myanmar is exerting all-out effort to establish regional economic community, that they will continue to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, that effort will be directed toward development of small and medium enterprises and that they would able to see Russia invest in energy and food sectors in ASEAN region.
President U Htin Kyaw continued to say that a cultural and art cooperation agreement between Russia and Myanmar has been signed in 2015, that measures have been taken to promote cultural and art cooperation following the said agreement, and  that future will see increased exchange of cultural troupes, greater cooperation in human resources development and increased numbers of cultural exhibitions and festivals.
In conclusion, the president said that he is delighted to see the establishment of ASEAN community, vowing to further strengthen ASEAN-Russia relations.
The summit also released the Sochi declaration which includes further promotion of friendship, cooperation in political and security sector, in economic sector, social and cultural sector, in making efforts for bridging gap of development and implementation of agreements.
Representatives from 16 nations including Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, China and Singapore met in Sochi on Thursday at the invitation of The Business Forum of the Russian Federation to discuss the potential for developing trade and economic relations, strengthening investment potential and intensifying business cooperation between Russia and ASEAN members. 400 delegates in total attended the summit with President U Htin Kyaw personally attending to represent the peoples and interests of Myanmar.
As part of the forum, several key international agreements were signed and Russian participants held bilateral meetings with the visiting representatives. The Forum participants noted that there is enormous potential to develop cooperation between Russia and the ASEAN nations. According to the Russian Export Centre (REC), “it can be said with a degree of certainty that within five years Russia could hold an up to 10% share of the export market of the ASEAN nations.”
The Business Forum opened with two panel discussions. The panel “Towards New ASEAN — Russian Economic Partnership: Essential Tools, Mechanisms and Drivers of Growth” was moderated by Russian First Deputy Minister of Economic Development Alexey Likhachev and Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Indonesia Rosan Perkasa Roeslani. The second panel session, “Russia’s Export Potential: Implementing Strategic Priorities of ASEAN Member States” was devoted to searching for new opportunities for Russian companies to take part in the national industrial development programs of the ASEAN nations and to establish the financial tools required for Russian business to take part in different projects in the region.

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