SAC Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets departmental personnel at different levels in Ayeyawady Region

Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing visited Pathein, Ayeyawady Region, and met with regional-, district- and township-level departmental personnel at the Ayeya Shwewah Hall yesterday afternoon.
First, the chief minister and responsible personnel of Ayeaywady Region presented to the Chairman of the State Administration Council and Prime Minister the progress of implementation of the guidance given by him during his tour of the region in 2021, expansion of districts and employment of staff, measures taken for agricultural and livestock breeding sectors, steps taken for irrigation and electric power generation and distribution, efforts being made for increasing monsoon rice yield, production of meat, fish and eggs for local consumption, protection of the natural environment, public housing, operation of factories in industrial zones, expansion of the people’s hospital, the opening of schools, colleges and universities and development of social, economic and health sectors.
After hearing the presentation, the Prime Minister gave necessary instructions, saying that Ayeyawady Region has a lot of rain and rivers and creeks and so roads can be damaged if there is no good drainage system, that it is necessary to maintain roads as more and more people are visiting the region on business or for pleasure, that it is also necessary to upgrade the Yangon-Pathein road meeting ASEAN standards. In addition, he called for regular production of healthy salt enough for local consumption.
Then, the Prime Minister said that, due to the fraud results of the 2020 election, the State Administration Council was formed, that it is now having to take the responsibilities of the nation for a temporary period, and considerable restraint was exercised in controlling violence caused by some people capitalizing on politics, that the SAC still sticks to the 2008 Constitution and it will move forward under the law.
The Prime Minister went on to say that the SAC is dealing with the existing political situations and striving for national development at the same time, that the country will be left behind if the government and the people are indecisive and hesitant because of hardships, that there should not be a lull in the education sector and so steps were taken for the reopening of schools in 2021 and priority is being given to the enhancement of education and that the country will lag behind if there is a limited number of educated people.

The Prime Minister also said that the country’s economy should be based on agriculture and livestock breeding, that using up natural resources can lead to their depletion and so production based on natural resources should not be encouraged, that priority should be given to agricultural and livestock breeding production through application of respective branches of studies, that measures are being taken to open agricultural and technical training schools at all district level across the country to produce human resources required for the development of agriculture, livestock breeding and industrial sectors, that local economic enterprises will develop only if agricultural produce can be increased and the government sees to it that quality strains of seeds and pedigrees are available to farmers. The Prime Minister urged all the responsible personnel of the Ayeyawady Region to strive for high productivity and work in concert for their region to be one the country can be proud of.
Regarding the livestock breeding sector, the Prime Minister said that fish and poultry farming should be encouraged as more and more people live on meat and fish, that the government releases fingerlings into rivers and creeks every year so that they are rich in fish resources, calling on all those concerned to work for the development of fish and prawn farming and try to be able to export marine products every year. He also added that the development of industrial zones is required to produce value-added products from products of agriculture and livestock breeding sectors and that, if industrial development occurs, job opportunities can be created for the people in the region.
A government must win the trust of the people and must be reliable to the people. The Tatmadaw will implement the political and national visions as adopted. State service personnel are to strive for serving the interests of the State.
The Senior General inspected the construction of the nine-storey extended building of Pathein General Hospital and stressed the need to take emergencies into consideration. It is necessary to supervise the timely completion of construction for commissioning it into service.
After viewing the worksite, the Senior General attended to the necessary things.
In the afternoon, the Senior General and wife paid homage to Shwemuhtaw Haha Pagoda in Pathein and made cash donations to the fund of the pagoda.
At the pagoda, the Senior General instructed officials to maintain the durability of the pagoda, carry out maintenance tasks to be free from the danger of electricity and keep albums of documentary photos of maintenance tasks. — MNA

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