Safe and responsible COVID-19 services must come first to revitalize travel sector

With the resumption of domestic air services on 16 December in line with the health and safety protocols, the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism is taking a step forward to restore public confidence in the travel sector.
Besides, launching of the Non Landing Sight Seeing Flight and River Cruise on 20 December has brought the revitalization sunshine to the domestic travel sector.
With people booking tickets for next tours, we are confident that launching domestic travel with national health guidelines would revitalize our domestic travel sector and would open the door to jump-starting tourism with regional countries.
Safety is at the top of the mind for travellers and services when travel services resume and travel destinations are reopened with the Enchanting Myanmar Health and Safety Protocol (HSP).
We must revitalize our tourism industry with safe and responsible COVID-19 services, which can guarantee the highest levels of safety from our tourism industry, and people are urged to strictly follow the health and safety guidelines.
With the resurgence of the coronavirus infection, the second wave has been a cudgel to the back of the knees of the people relying on the hotel and tourism sector for their livelihoods.
When it comes to reviving the hospitality sector hit hard by COVID-19, Destination Management Organizations-DMOs in regions and states are obliged to draw regional master plans based on MTSRR which includes immediate, medium and long term plans under the Myanmar Travel Strategic Recovery Roadmap.
The coronavirus will remain a problem for a long time, and it means we need to getting used to ways for living with it for the long term in our everyday lives.
The hotels and tourism sector is one of the sectors driving socio-economic development in Myanmar. The State is also encouraging the sector because it can create jobs for people living with disabilities and the aged.
The Union Government will take three steps to implement the Enchanting Myanmar Health and Safety Protocol (HSP) as part of efforts for turning our country to become a safe travel destination in the region.
DMOs formed with stakeholders from hotel and tourism industry and town elders in accordance with the Myanmar Tourism Law are urged to ensure public safety at the destinations.
To promote the travel sector amidst COVID-19, we also need to ensure travel costs-in prices of accommodation and transportation remain affordable for domestic travellers.
All hands from local authorities, DMOs and associations related to hospitality sector should be on deck to put the country’s economy on the road to quick recovery through the travel sector.

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