Sagaing plans to grow over 300,000 acres of summer paddy

Sagaing region has targeted to grow more than 300,000 acres of summer paddy, it is learnt.
In order to yield about 120 baskets of summer paddy per acre, Sagaing Region Agriculture Department is providing training, field inspection, distributing of pamphlets and providing technical assistance and paddy seeds to local farmers.
“We have targeted to grow over 300,000 acres of summer paddy this year. The summer paddy is grown mostly in the Shwebo district. There are around 280,000 acres of summer paddy, using the irrigated water from the Thaphanseik Dam in the Shwebo district. The summer paddy will be cultivated only using dam water and river water. The summer paddy can be planted in the Sagaing region if the dams can store the water. Sagaing region has not sowed the summer paddy for two years in the 2017-18 financial year and 2018-19FY due to insufficient water supply from the Thaphanseik Dam. So far, around 70,000 acres of summer paddy have been grown,” said U Aung Kyi Win, the deputy head of the Sagaing Region Agriculture Department.
During the 2021-22FY winter crop season, the Sagaing region has cultivated the summer paddy since October 2021 and about 887 acres of paddy have been developed so far.
According to the official statistics of the Sagaing Region Agriculture Department, the Sagaing region grew a total of 887 acres of summer paddy, including 792 acres of paddy in Katha township in Katha district and 26 acres of paddy in Wuntho and 69 acres of paddy in Kawlin township in Kawlin district. – Lu Lay/GNLM

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