Sagaing Region aims to grow over 1.6 mln acres of oil crops this FY

Farm workers are picking the groundnuts in Sagaing. photo: supplied

A total of 1,628,266 acres of oil crops are planned to grow in the ten districts of Sagaing region and Naga Self-Administered Zone in winter crops season of the current 2020-2021 financial year (FY). The Department of Agriculture will grow a total of 1,628,266 acres of oil crops including 327,300 acres of sunflower, 523,000 acres of winter sesame, 95,000 acres of summer sesame, 116,700 acres of flower sesame, 531,500 acres of groundnut and 34,766 acres of mustard, according to the Department of Agriculture in Sagaing Region.
The oil crops will be cultivated on 219,206 acres of land in three townships of Sagaing District, 169,323 acres in four townships of Monywa District, 179,410 acres in four townships of Yinmabin District, 329,318 acres in six townships of Shwebo District, 153,950 acres in two townships of Kanbalu District and 269,949 acres in seven townships of Katha District in Sagaing Region.
Additionally, 136,891 acres of oil crops will also be planted in three townships of Kalay District, 29,065 acres in two townships of Mawlaik District, 19,472 acres in one township and two townships of Tamu District, 19,070 acres in two townships of Kani District and 2,612 acres three townships and four towns in Naga Self-Administered Zone. —Win Oo (Zayyardine) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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