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Sagaing Region Chief Minister makes inspection tour in Shwebo


Sagaing Region Chief Minister U Myat Kyaw views round display of foliar fertilizer and inputs.

Sagaing Region Chief Minister U Myat Kyaw and officials made an inspection tour to Shwebo Township yesterday. The Chief Minister and party firstly inspected the construction of the Oxygen Plant Foundation in Industrial zone ward in Shwebo and construction of Thetketan Bridge (Tadanat) in Ward 10.
The Chief Minister also inspected the construction of Shwebo Market destroyed by fire. The Shwebo Township Development Committee Executive Officer explained the design of the new market building and construction. During the visit to Shwebo People’s Hospital, aid worth K500,000 was donated for the healthcare workers. The Chief Minister also visited Maha Nanda Lake and observed the water storage conditions and water supply to the town.
Afterward, he attended the demonstration of foliar fertilizer application for yielding 100 baskets of Shwebo pawsan monsoon paddy per acre.
The Region Director of Agriculture Department explained that the demonstration was held to reduce the use of fertilizer due to the high price, to increase crop yield at low cost and to let the rice consume Nitrogen directly. An official also explained the use of foliar fertilizers and its benefits of reducing wastes as no direct application to the soil is required; Nitrogen can be applied directly from rice leaves, and more profitable with less cost.
The Chief Minister also visited the Paddy Sorting Factory in Sainaigyi Village in Wetlet Township, and an official explained the process of seed cleaning and the purification of paddy seeds.—District IPRD/GNLM

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