Samannaphala Day celebrated at pagodas in Yangon

Samannaphala Sutta was preached by Lord Buddha on Fullmoon of Tazaungmon and the day was celebrated as Samannaphala Sutta Day.
Samannaphala means the benefit of becoming a Sangha. As Lord Buddha preached the benefit of becoming a Sangha on this day, Fullmoon of Tazaungmon is also Sangha Day.

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Shwedagon Pagoda is crowded with pilgrims on the Fullmoon of Tazaungmon in Yangon yesterday. 
Photo: Zaw Min Latt

In Yangon, the day’s celebration starts early in the morning at Shwedagon Pagoda. Shwedagon Pagoda trustee held the 35th Shwedagon Pagoda Matho Robe offering ceremony at 4 am on the platform of the pagoda. Lotus Matho Robes weaved overnight were carried around the pagoda starting from Victory Land at Rahu Corner and then offered to Buddha images in the pagoda by the pagoda trustee members.
Afterwards meals, oil lamp, flower, water and fruits were offered to Shwedagon Pagoda and morning meals were also offered to Sayadaws and Sanghas. The pagoda trustee members and audiences then took Nine Precepts from Shwedagon Pagoda Ovadacariy Sayadaws and shared merits for the good deeds performed.
Similarly, 22nd Thiriminagalar Kaba Aye Pagoda Matho Robe weaving contest was held on the evening of 10 November and the pagoda trustee members presented prizes to the winning contestants. Yesterday morning, the Matho Robes weaved the evening before were carried around the pagoda once and celebration of Fullmoon of Tazaungmon or Samannaphala Sutta Day was continued by pagoda trustee members and religious organizations.
Botahtaung Pagoda also held its 37th Matho Robe offering ceremony and presented documents of honors to donors at 4:30 am and later in the evening paid homage to the pagoda by lighting up 27,000 oil lamps.
The day also saw donors carrying offerings by cars and tricycles to monasteries while in many wards and streets, free offering of foods and merit making market events were held. Later in the evening, the pagodas, offices, residences, streets and roads were lighted up with oil and electric lamps fully displaying Myanmar’s tradition that was held on every Fullmoon of Tazaungmon.— Yi Yi Myint
(Translated by Zaw Min)

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